About me

My job is to combine my two loves. Animals and photography. My mission is to provide my clients and their beloved pet companions the chance to capture heart-melting moments they can cherish for a lifetime, as well as fond memories they will remember forever.


Have you ever noticed how dogs can make you feel like the starring superhero in your own movie? You pop out to Sainsbury’s for five minutes and when you get back, they act as if you have been off on a ten year ocean voyage. Bless them.

That’s why it is important to have special photo mementos of your best friend.  A Photo Shoot from Classy Dog Studios gives you the chance to create a few magical ones.

You even have the options of bringing more furry pals along or taking part in the photo shoot yourself.

About Me

My name is Marlon Masina, I am the shutterbug behind the lens of Classy Dog Studios Pet Photography. I'm a self taught photographer and have been snapping for over 10 years. I have spent a lot of time at Vet Creche Glasgow, a dog day care, training facility and veterinarian in Glasgow. I spent this time learning extensively about greeting and approaching dogs, canine body language and how to use positive reinforcement to ask a dog to cooperate with the photo shoot and therefore produce beautiful pictures of happy and relaxed dogs.

I will work with your dog as an individual to overcome nervousness or over activeness, crafting each image on-location and giving it that pizzazz in post-production, culminating in the delivery of a completely unique, made-to-order product.​  I am proud to offer a unique dog photography experience to my clients who love their dogs.  From the intricate details of capturing your dog's beauty and cuteness to that playful cheeky look. I delight in spoiling my clients and consistently strive to leave you happy with your artwork and enchanted by the entire affair.


Pets make an enduring impact in our lives and heart that will never fade. Classy Dog Studios will help you capture those moment and turn them into beautiful artwork with an authentic and unique look. I am an experienced artist you can trust and work alongside. Whether your dog's a lanky adolescent or is getting on in years, Classy Dog Studio Photography will help you freeze a moment in time so you can look back on it forever and feel relieved that you did.

The connection you have with your dog is unique and it should be commemorated for years to come. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.


Dedication + Experience + Creativeness = Truly Beautiful Content. At Classy Dog Studios we are only happy once the customer is fully satisfied with their service.

Home Photo Shoot Session

Is going to a studio such a hassle for whatever reasons. Classy Dog Studios can travel to you. Our portable mini studio can be set up in pretty much any living space. Let us come to you in you own comfortable environment.

Studio Photo Shoot Session

Clean and modern, the studio backdrops are timeless, and fit into any home decor. Photographing your pet in a studio setting, we have total control over the lighting, the distractions, and of course the climate! If you are looking for something truly professional and unique, let’s photograph your pet in studio.

Outdoor Session Shoot

Looking for something different. You could go for that outdoorsy nature look. With extensive dog training experience, we come prepared to work with a myriad of behaviors, and surprise even the most adamant of owners who think their pet won't cooperate for photos.

What I DO

I don’t think a home is complete until it has been filled with the joys and adventures of pet ownership.

Because of the special place they hold in our hearts, it is so important to cherish our pets and their unique personalities while we have the chance. Photographs are a great way to do this, and I love providing people with keepsakes of their dog that will last a lifetime.